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For more information on the legality of Dream11 and fantasy sports in India, visit the website of the Federation of Fantastic Sports of India (FIFS): fifs.in. FIFS is the first and only self-regulatory body in the sports gaming industry in India, established to protect consumer interests and create standardized best practices in the sports gaming industry. Disclaimer: This is a press release from the Company. No HT journalists are involved in the creation of this content. A- Honestly, there is currently no plan. I dream of having supercars at home. So I`m going to work on it. Q- How would you help a beginner invest and win Dream11? Q- Tell us about your journey from beginner to professional? Glassdoor offers millions of jobs, as well as salary information, company reviews, and indoor employee interview questions that make it easy to find a job that`s right for you. Through this open conversation, Dream11 aspirants can learn a lot.

Dream11 professional player Sumit Kumar not only warned us about the game, but also gave us some important ideas. Q- Are there any plans for what you want to do with the winning money? A- The first profit was only Rs 50 where I invested Rs 25. I was in college, and it was like whoa! Within hours, I doubled my money. This led me to put my efforts into Dream11. Q- Do you have any insider tips and tricks you`d like to share? Q- Can we know anything about your other projects and how do you manage to succeed in each of them? A- There is no trick exactly. You just have to be patient. In addition, you should not be greedy. Only play selected games that you can crack.

The most important point is to keep the investment the same in all the games you play and divide your investment into different leagues. Sumit is a professional fantasy cricketer. He earned about one million rupees playing Dream11. In addition, he works as a media buyer in a private company. Many are inspired by Sumit Kumar. Everyone is fascinated by his strategy, tricks and tips for making money in Dream 11. So we chatted with Sumit Kumar in an open chat session for his fans and Dream11 aspirants. A- Well, you can`t say a whole career, since I also have my job.

That is my priority. Sometimes Dream11 also suffers immense losses. Well, there is a simple foundation in Dream11. You should not be afraid of losses if you want to achieve great success. A- When I was in college, a friend of mine asked me to download this app. He saw ads for an app that awards prizes. So I installed and tested it. I used to invest like Rs25 – Rs26. One day, I won 1000 Rs.! My investment was only Rs 25. It was like a tiger tasting blood.

Haha! Then I started planning it. I started investing in my time. Therefore, it all started this way and is still ongoing. Below are the key points from an Indian High Court ruling that specifically refers to Dream11`s game. A challenge to this decision was also rejected by the Supreme Court of India: everyone wants to succeed, but few achieve their goals. One of the few gems is a young man, Sumit Kumar from Ramgarh (Jharkhand). It made tabloid headlines via Dream11, an Indian fantasy sports platform. It`s a skill game where you assemble a team of real players for an upcoming match and compete with other fans. Fascinating? Right! With a B.E. degree, Sumit Kumar found his way to the top of Dream11. A- First of all, I prioritize my work. Then everything comes.

In addition, I hired a few people to manage my Facebook pages. Here, the video commercial break is the main work. And on weekends, I put my efforts into Dream11. A- Yes, you can join a maximum of 500 leagues these days. There were 200. A- Well, Dream11 is only for those who can afford to lose money. Therefore, students should stay away. The only thing that can give you success in Dream11 is patience and control of your greed. Dream11 takes great care to comply with all central and state laws in India to ensure that our users are fully protected. Each contest on our platform is carefully designed to comply with applicable laws and regulations in India. A- I rely a lot on versatile players and bowlers. They let me win most of the time.

You must also be active before starting the game. That gives you a little extra.