Wild Animal Laws in Massachusetts

It is illegal for a person to own a regulated animal. A regimented animal is defined as all members of the family of felids (with the exception of domestic cats); all bears; and all non-human primates. A person who owns a regulated animal when the law comes into force on 1 January 2005 has 90 days to register the animal with the local animal control authority. Owners of a registered regulated pet may replace the regulated pet when it dies, but only once. The law also requires these long-term owners to have a written plan to recapture runaway animals and meet the Department of Agriculture`s cage requirements, including fencing around primary pens. Regulated animal tags must be put in place and feral cats must be registered with local animal control authorities, who could be the sheriff in rural districts. Hunting and trapping bobcats is legal in Minnesota. Serval hybrids are illegal in Minnesota. Sorry if it`s that long, but. Do you need a clear yes or do you know? Or else. Child. I was, and still am, everywhere I went.

I am a Hagried. Ok, since I was a kid. I dreamed of a lion friend. No, not a pet, a companionship. No property as slave or property. Dear close friend. (I know fancy words, I`ll have no problem proving it) I`m just a little lost. Wisconsin ok. Is any of the states unregulated, without prohibitions, without illegal lisellability to the possession of big cats? I must be missing something? I know. My name is Sean, everyone calls me Kelso. I was a responsible and knowledgeable animal lover and guardian. If you could help clarify all the information.

That would be great. It`s contradictory even for me. Don`t forget to be roommates with a magnetic member and proud of the animal kingdom. But the thought of everyday life until today crosses the animal kingdom. They always deserve to be taken free, not trapped in skinned cages ect ect. I can honestly say that I studied. No direct contact with Lions. No, I don`t count zoos to make contact. There are many cases of bad luck, even the same, if not more, number of accident cases. Also cases of abandonment.

Oh, really. I only really see if it`s true. And if so. This allows the granting of licenses, other necessary documents. I read: DNR RULINGS, wis. State legislation, animal laws, and applicable laws. So, if you could, please. See too well. From what I have read, it is legal. And I just want to get it right. Maybe then maybe prove it. Not all wild or exotic animals are irresponsible.

Because I`m sure there are those who aren`t. (If you`re reading all this, sincerely. Thank you. A friend told me they were on board and watched. You know my passion for lions. Since about 10 p.m. – April 20, 2022, I have been studying.)) P.S. so as not to be rude or difficult. Someone please respond with experience. Thank you very much. Prohibits the purchase and sale of wild trout, salmon, horned cod, yellowfish, pike, whitefish, pike or muscular lungs, pike, pikeperch and Centrarchidae, black bass, birds and mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

If an exotic animal is kept as a pet, the owner or custodian of the exotic animal must apply to the Ministry for an individual permit on a form provided by the Ministère. Individual permits issued by the Department become null and void if the owner or custodian transfers ownership or custody of the exotic to another person. The owner or custodian must obtain a separate individual permit for each exotic animal kept as a pet. A background check on an owner or custodian applying for an individual licence may be conducted by the ministry. Owning exotic cats, large and small, is legal in Delaware with a license. In 2005, Arkansas banned private ownership of large carnivores. Regulates the ownership of native cat species. Commercial wildlife farming requires a commercial wildlife breeder/dealer license and a USDA license. Must follow the general regulations that apply to wildlife in captivity in the Arkansas State Game & Fish Commission Code Book, Chapter 9. Also has a new wildlife transfer permit for wildlife transportation across Arkansas – requires a permit and health certificate filed with AG&F.

A new Cougar property licence was created in 2007. This permit applies to existing Puma owners who do not breed or trade, but only owners. This approval does not require a monthly report. An animal illegally sold or possessed in contravention of M.G.L. c. 131, § 23 or the Code of Massachusetts Regulations “may be seized and disposed of by the Director of Law Enforcement in the best interests of the Commonwealth” (M.G.L. c. 131, § 23). This may include euthanasia of the animal. Although the possession of big cats was banned after 8/2005, you are allowed to own 6 bobcats and it is legal to hunt bobcats.

With respect to servals and hybrids, if a person wishes to own other animals that are not native to the state and are not listed above, they must, upon request, prove that the animal was legally acquired in the previous state.