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YWCA lawyers are available to assist you and answer your questions as you navigate the medical processes related to sexual assault and domestic violence. We are here for you for testing and follow-up appointments. You can read more about the importance of the legal definition of domestic violence here. Are you interested in becoming a lawyer or medical lawyer? Click here for more information. Monthly Legal ClinicYWCA Kitsap County partners with Kitsap Legal Services to offer a monthly legal clinic where victims can speak to a lawyer for free. Please contact chicagorapecrisishotline@ywcachicago.org. The immigration status of individuals is never questioned in the process of preparing legal documents for legal representation or in court hearings, Espanol said. Bilingual/bicultural advocacy servicesSpanish-speaking bilingual legal advice is available for non-English or Spanish-speaking victims. Translation services are available for all languages. • Provide documents relevant to the legal actions you choose to take The YWCA provides 24-hour medical and criminal justice services to survivors of sexual violence.

The YWCA`s medical and criminal justice program helps reduce trauma and support the healing process. Lawyers will provide emotional support and information during medical and criminal proceedings to survivors of sexual assault, non-significant persons, and non-delinquent family members. Medical lawyers provide 24-hour support to survivors. Lawyers provide support in police and judicial proceedings. Navigating the legal system and courts can be overwhelming. Federal/state/local legal terms, processes, and laws are often confusing and frustrating. For more information, see our Legal Advocacy Quick Start Guide. For assistance, you can contact our lawyers at 509-477-3656 Option #1. Navigating the legal system can be intimidating. In some circumstances, making the decision to leave or make changes to protect yourself and your family from an abuser can become a deciding factor. We believe that the availability of legal aid should not dictate the survivor`s decisions.

Many victims live in fear instilled in them by their abuser of losing their children in a custody battle because they cannot afford representation. We offer this service free of charge to support people in crisis, and we have been through every conceivable case. We can give you insight into the legal process associated with your particular situation so you can make the most informed and best possible decision without the influence of your abuser. We are trying to take finances out of the decision to get help. In too many situations, the cost of a lawyer prevents victims from getting help. YWCA-MC has been supporting victims through legal advocacy for decades. We can help you get your life back on track through the legal system. Our lawyers can help survivors of intimate partner domestic violence by answering many questions about civil or criminal court proceedings. If you need formal legal protection from abuse by your partners, lawyers can help you apply for a civil defense order to prevent your partner from contacting you, harassing you, persecuting you, or abusing you in any way.

The legal definition of domestic violence includes: If you are facing harassment, criminal harassment or domestic violence, we are here to help you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family through the justice system. Obtaining a protection order is an important first step. The legal system can be complicated and overwhelming, which is why we strive to provide services to help you get what you need to stay safe. We can help you with protection orders, attend hearings and appointments, Indiana Hope Cards, and more. If you need help with a domestic violence protection order in the partnership, or if you are the victim registered in a criminal proceeding and need to speak to a lawyer, please call 509-477-3656 Option #1. If the lawyers are unable to answer your call, please leave a detailed message with a secure way to contact you so that the legal advisor can reach you within 1-2 business days. You are not alone. Our legal counsel is here to help you complete and file a civil protection order. Call 765-807-1208 to make an appointment. YWCA Greater Lafayette DVIPP is here to protect you, including helping you create a safety plan and working with community partners for additional resources.

That`s why we offer the Domestic Violence Protection Clinic. This clinic serves people seeking protection orders in Walla Walla County. YWCA lawyers can help you fill out domestic violence protection forms (injunctions) and have your forms and cases reviewed by a judge or judicial commissioner. Judicial review by a lawyer is provided for survivors who have been assisted by counsel for interim injunctions. Legal counsel will provide advice and assistance during legal proceedings. • Helps in understanding how to navigate the legal system If you are considering a protection order or have other questions about the process, we invite you to read the lawyers` answers to a list of frequently asked questions. Led by the YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley, the North County Family Justice Center (NCFJC) is a multi-jurisdictional collaboration and community partner that provides services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. The NJFC is comprised of lawyers and non-lawyers with extensive expertise that includes immigration law, family law, legal representation, criminal (law enforcement) law, victim compensation assistance and law enforcement assistance.

Service providers include the Santa Clara County District Attorney`s Office, Step Forward Foundation, family law attorneys, and YWCA attorneys. The CNJF also refers to other organizations as needed for additional support. YWCA lawyers come to court every Friday afternoon to obtain a list of victims of domestic violence to assist YWCA clients, as well as those who have not had the assistance of a lawyer in court. Use your words to send a clear message. Keep in mind that what is in your application becomes a court record and the person you are filing a complaint against will receive a copy of it. Protection orders can be very effective in sending a clear message to someone that the justice system will intervene if they continue to harass or threaten.